Eat smarter

Smartmeal brings smartness to your dining!

Towards smarter dining

The unique and patented smartline solution offers food service providers accurate knowledge about consumed portions.

The data supplied to the consumers is used to guide their dining into a healthier direction. It is proven that this will also lead into smaller sizes of taken portions.


A study made during the project pilot, users felt that the Smartmeal line is ...

... is easy to learn and use (71%)
... has increased their interest towards healthier dining (76%)
... has changed their dining habits (66%)
... the supplied data by the line is useful (86%) and easy to understand (90%)

Value for the diner

By registering into the Smartmeal-service, a user gets a tool to follow their daily dining habits. And most importantly, when a user dines by a Smartline, everything happens automatically - without any need for manual updating!

How Smartmeal-dining works?

  1. Grab yourself a tray and a plate
  2. Place your smartcard (eg. workplace access card) on the tray
  3. Place the tray by the serving point of your desire
  4. Collect the food when the screen informs you with ”Please take your portion"
  5. You see the portion size (g) immediately on the screen and how much energy (kcal) there is in it
  6. At the end of the line, you can set your accompaniments on a touch screen (eg. milk, margarine, bread)
  7. Finally, you can print a receipt of your dining

After the dining

If you're not yet a registered user, there's a web site address and a QR-code printed on your receipt. By scanning the code or entering the address in your browser, you're able to follow your dining statistics online!

The solution

The first time in the history of buffet-units there are intelligent technics integrated in them. The data of a recognized diner is stored into a database and used as a valuable information for both the diner herself and the restaurant.

Recognizing and data collecting

A user is recognized by her RFID- or NFC-identification. The data collectors are installed into the buffet-units to measure the user portion sizes.

Nutritional contents

The tools and the recipe software integrations built on the Smartmeal service helps to provide all the information about the dishes - like total energy and the important nutrition facts. With this information, the end-user gets detailed reports about their dining.